Misc. Labels

DJ Pit - Summer Breeze

DJ Pit – Summer Breeze

As a producer and remixer, I have recorded dozens of tracks. For the records produced by my own label, I have a list so I know what was out and when. Unfortunately, I have not the same list for the tracks I have produced for other labels. With the help of Discogs, I have tried to make a complete list but I’m sure some of my recordingss are missing. If you find one not listed, please contact me to give me the information and complete the list below. Thank you in advance.

Bo Siders & DJ Pit – Come on and Dance – Penso Positivo
My first record published by the label of Claude Monnet in 1994

Bo Siders & DJ Pit

Bo Siders & DJ Pit

Big Boss – Jump all around – Penso Positivo
Second EP, also published by Claude Monnet’s publishing Company

Kitchen Funk – Pussy Call – Starsky Records
A great pleasure and honor for me to make the remix of this amazing track of “Tabasko and Ramirez” aka Kitchen Funk, with the beautiful voice of Marie Martin.

DJ Pit – Summer Breeze – Starsky Records
This 10″ EP is totally Disco-House. Furthermore, the label with the Starsky & Hutch Car is wonderful…

Bad Hippies

Bad Hippies

The Bad Hippies – the Bad Hippies – Seven Records
A progressive House project from 1996. Great sales but not my favorite style.

DiscoTexx – Hot Cops – Milk & Sugar
A Super Funky-Pumping-House remix of the track Hot Cops from the German artist DiscoTexx.